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“Art is a luxury, and u are very lucky if u are sitting in this class” one of the first lines from my teacher at my art school.
Like a fresh batch of hot bread, we NRIs come down to India , not knowing that we are babies compared to the Desi savages that grew up in India.
Yes, there are some, who arrive with a shitload of attitude “Hey so back in Dubai, we didnt have this” or “oh chee, what are u wearing”, but all this will disappear in about 2-3yrs time, provided you get roasted by your Indian friends on a daily scale.
I studied in a Saudi institute affliated to an Australian university so that pretty much explains my life style back then.
Air conditioned house, ride to college in a car, air conditioned college, Russian and Lebanese teachers, dresses, maxis, short skirts.
And in India, my college made me sign a contract that said i will wear only kurti or chudidhar, no tees or anything casual.
I didn’t mind that at all, till my higher heads started worrying about my clothing more than my education
I vividly remember an incident where i was studying in the library wearing a top that reached my knees but wasnt a kurti idk
My teacher took me aside and started questioning my dress code,(no vulgarity, nothing revealing) while we saw another girl in sari with a blouse that had a huge hole that i could paint sceneries on her bare back.. and my teacher was like “but saris are ok”
Thats when i started laughing on her face
When did clothes change their true purpose? We started wearing clothes to protect us from cold and heat; when did it become fashion and cool? I just want to be the most comfortable when i paint
I found my loophole, i started wearing pyjama pants, skirts, maxis and nighties to college. For the first 6months people laughed, asked if i came directly from bed, if i was wearing a table cloth, called me a fashion disaster, did i budge? Hell no
I wore everything comfortable, though maybe not fashionable.
All my important life lessons were learnt in these 3yrs of college, not the etiquettes of the society, the loopholes in those etiquettes. I wove my way through every society norm and twisted it to my liking. My only principle in life is my smile shouldn’t be the reason for someone’s tears, the rest of the society’s rules didnt apply to me.
i did everything that could earn me the name of a “bad girl”, but again nobody cried or died because of me. I had fun, people around me had fun, but we were bad people 😂
Sometimes the nicest people have tattoos and weird fashion
There was another incident that I remember, this math professor was extremely rude to me and refused to apologise quoting her experience and education.
Education and knowledge makes u humble. Humility is the proof that you are a wise being, not arrogance!
She might not have a tattoo, or piercing, she goes to church regularly, is considered respectable by the society, but why? She is mean and rude to people lesser than half her age, she should be alienated from the community; i’d rather my kid grew up with weird but kind children, than with “respectable” arrogant kids.
The best part about this incident, the authorities asked me to apologise to her for telling the world about her rudeness. Hell no!
I wrote a letter stating her behaviour and put it on the internet, why u ask me? So that the next time a teacher or someone older than u, automatically assumes they have an upper hand and can treat u like shit, they will be reminded of what happened to her reputation.
Having authority doesnt give u the right to be rude and walk all over us. We are humans too. Talk nicely to us and u shall earn our respect, otherwise u are just forgetting, we are in the 21st century, kids are capable of anything. The internet is our playground 🤷🏿‍♀️😊
Its easy to be harsh in this world. If u really want a challenge, try being nice for an entire day, without getting irritated or belittling other people, u will find it very difficult, as atleast once someone might tick u off.
Another thing i noticed was, people are damn skeptical if you are nice to them. They look at you like, “what do u want from me? Why u being nice?” I give notes around college that has happy messages.
I remember giving this teacher a note that said “have a happy day :)” and she called me aside and was like “what is this? Why u giving me this?” And i started laughing
The world is so sly that People are suspicious if you are genuinely nice.
That didnt stop me..
Nothing can stop me from trying to stand up for righteousness and kindness. Everytime u get beaten, dont forget that a diamond is just carbon that handled pressure really well.
So this NRI from saudi seemed like a catch in the beginning to the college but they started realising that she is here on a mission; to re-write the rules that they held on to dearly, to bring arrogance to its knees and teach people to laugh at the haughty and be kind to the downtrodden.
I get threatening messages, calls to my parents( i am 24, and yet india loves tying me to my folks) black mail, emotional atyaachaar 😂, i have faced everything that they can throw at me and yet here i am 🙂
Another awesome thing about people is they don’t understand mental illness. They think depression is laziness, bipolar is confusion and you are unstable.
A broken leg is better than a broken mind, trust me!
A broken leg can heal if your mind is strong enough to get through, but if the motherboard shuts off, the computer is useless. Think about it.
I remember telling my teacher i need to go out and cry as i was getting a panic attack, and she was like “if u leave, u wont get attendance”
I lost it and fell down laughing. Laughing at this stupid, stupid world!
During the floods, my clothes got washed away and i wore a tee to college. They got so offended, made me borrow clothes from hostel and change. Like wow! These are people who have multiple degrees and phD’s, religious, respected and reputed.
How will u feel like educating yourself in a place that doesn’t follow any morals but talks big?
But thats the problem, they have trained us not to question back.
From the time u step into kindergarten, u are in their system. They will shoot you down if you question the unreasonable rules or immediately tag u as a troublemaker. That way other kids will alienate u automatically as they become victims of this system.
The so called troublemakers dont give up questioning. Their tarnished names, and blacklisted profiles wont stop them. The society and the system will always look at them as a threat because people who question cannot be slaves to the system. And they will educate others to question and get out of this rat race.
All this knowledge in a span of 3years of being caught up in this loop.
Start looking around u and you will see your parents, friends, family caught in this loop. Any form of rebel against the system, they will call u names and alienate you so others wouldnt follow.
But again, you are forgetting. 21st century!!! The world is at our fingertip and we, the rebels, the misfits, the outcasts, the black sheep (wow! They have given us creative names) shall spread peace and rule with kindness.
Kudos to everyone out there who is breaking societal norms! We are one!

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