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By shopping at you are empowering artists and can get quality goods all the while being protected by ESCROW

Empowering ARTISTS

By purchasing from us, you are helping artists from all walks of life follow their dreams and make a living out of their passion. "Engineering, Business,law, medicine, these are all necessary pursuits to sustain life. But art is what we stay alive for." - Dead Poets Society

Quality GOODS

Our artists strive to better themselves at every turn. This coupled with the unique expertise of each artist gives you a wide range of goods with unmatched quality and price.


We provide 100% Escrow, which means your funds will not reach the artist unless you get the product or there is no communication from you for 10 days. We take disputes very seriously.


Checkout the latest additions to the market place

Quinta essentia organic – Rose green tea

Organic green tea

Organic lemon

Organic rose

Astrea – Twilight Glow face mask

Skin renewing & Glowing face mask.

Astrea – Forever Young [Anti-aging night cream] 30g

All Astrea products are handcrafted with pure and fresh ingredients along with a lot of love & care.

Astrea – Morning Mist [non-greasy moisturizer] 30g

All Astrea products are handcrafted with pure and fresh ingredients along with a lot of love & care.

Milagro – Lemongrass Scrub 75g

All natural bar, A natural skin toner with a refreshing fragrance.

Delicious Bites – Sesame Cookies 100g

Made with Organic wheat flour, tahini, cane sugar, coconut, cinnamon, baking soda, veg oil, organic jaggery, sesame seeds.

Delicious Bites – Coconut Biscuits 100g

Made with Organic flour, coconut, coconut milk, icing sugar, organic coconut oil, corn oil, flax seed, baking soda

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New girl in town

  “Art is a luxury, and u are very lucky if u are sitting in this class” one of the first lines from my teacher at my art school. Like a fresh batch of hot Read more…

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